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Double barrel cakes! You know those single tier tall ones? Cylindrical in shape and the perfect canvas for some long trailing foliage or toffee drizzles.

We are finding them super popular at the moment, especially for those who want a show stopper, but for a small event. Or even as an engagement cake to set it apart from their more formal wedding cake.

We quite often get asked… How do we cut it? Well! We made a little video to show you exactly how we do this. It gives you a little insight as to how we make the cakes, but also how to portion them!

Your double barrel cake is made up of 2 seperate cakes stacked on top of each other. So there is a small hidden board half way through the cake, supported with a couple of doweling rods. This way you can cut your cake til the knife meets the board and portion from there. Wether you are doing dessert sized wedges or grid shaped finger portions, its easy!

I reccomend having on hand:
– Sharp knife
– Damp cloth
– Jug of hot water
– Chopping board
– Serving plate
-Sense of humour

If it is a particularly warm day and you have had the cake on deisplay for some time you may find it easier to portion while still stacked. Its totally up to you! But we hope this video helps!

Happy nibbling!


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