To us flavour is very important, but we go by the saying “simple is best”.

Ever sit down to a bowl of vanilla ice cream and think how simply delicious it is? We do. So we have designed our menu around being delicous without being overcrowded by flavours and additions. Letting those main ingredients and flavours SHINE.

Click on the flavour headings below for their “click and collect” version. Or order a selction of flavours to try for your custom order cake HERE.

Fresh & Fruity

Champagne and Strawberries
Soft and light champagne cake layered with strawberry buttercream, made from our own homemade strawberry compote (Gluten free available).

Citrus Cake
Soft and fragrant, zesty lemon myrtle cake layered with tart lemon curd butter cream and lemon curd (Gluten free available).

White Chocolate Raspberry Mud Cake
Layers of coconut buttercream (or Raspberry buttercream on request).

Vanilla Bean
A soft cake with high quality vanilla bean and layered with raspberry buttercream (Gluten free available).

White Chocolate Passionfruit
Mud cake layered with passionfruit buttercream and tangy passionfruit curd.

Coconut Cake
This light and moist cake is summer in a cake! Matched perfectly with lime butter cream (Gluten free available).

Elderflower, Lemon & Champagne Royal Wedding Cake
Champagne and lemon cake, layered with lemon and elderflower buttercream and lemon Elderflower curd.

Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Salted Caramel
Light in texture but oh so chocolatey, layered with salted caramel buttercream (Gluten free available).

Our dark chocolate cake layered with peanut butter buttercream and peanut toffee (Gluten free available).

Our dark chocolate cake layered with nutella buttercream (Gluten free available).

Stout and Chocolate Mud Cake
Earthy in flavour and layered with cream cheese buttercream.

Chocolate Mud Cake
Rich dark chocolate mud cake, layered with dark chocolate ganache.

Comfort Cakes

Red Velvet
Rich butter cake with a dash of cocoa and filled with cream cheese butter cream (suitable for naked/semi nude and butter cream cakes only).

Soft toffee and golden syrup cake layered with toffee buttercream.

Banana Caramel
Buttery banana cake layered with toffee buttercream and toffee.

Vegan Flavours

Chocolate cake + peanut butter “buttercream” and peanut praline (Gluten free available).

Vanilla bean + Passionfruit

Vanilla bean cake – Layered with passionfruit “buttercream”

Vanilla Raspberry and Coconut

Citrus Lemon Myrtle Cake

Chocolate + Espresso “buttercream” (Gluten free available).

Chocolate + Raspberry (Gluten free available)

“All of our cakes are made on site, using quality ingredients, free range eggs and local where possible. We are big fans of supporting our local fruit shop for our fruit and veg. We do not believe in pre-mix, packet recipes or short cuts and the flavour of our cakes is testament to this”.