Halloween cupcakes




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Some spooky themed cupcakes for Halloween!


Vanilla sprinkle cupcake + Vanilla buttercream + green chocolate + eyes

Red velvet cupcake + cream cheese buttercream + raspberry jam + Bone sprinkles

Chocolate cupcake + chocolate buttercream + chocolate dirt + chocolate headstone ( Gluten friendly)

Approximately 5cm in diameter and 7cm in height.



$27.00 for 6 cupcakes
(minimum order)
This product is sold in lots of  6.


Dietary Information
Contains flour, sugar, eggs, butter, oil, milk, vanilla,raspberries.
All butter creams are flavoured with natural products: Raspberry jam ( raspberries )


Please note that as we use nuts/dairy/eggs in our kitchen every day, we cannot guarantee our options will be 100% friendly to those with severe allergies. We take the utmost care with cleaning our equipment when providing these items, however items may contain traces and may not be appropriate for all customers. 


This product is the cupcakes only with decorations described as above. No Alterations available. 

2 days notice. We will be in contact ASAP via email with more details about your order, pick up and payment.

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Gluten Free

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