Wagon Wheels (12)





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Traditional wagon wheel of 2 sugar cookies sandwiched together with marshmallow, strawberry jelly and dipped in dark chocolate.

$48.00 for 12 wagon wheels
(minimum order)
This product is sold in lots of a dozen.


Dietary Information
Contains flour, sugar, eggs, butter, oil, vanilla, gelatine, chocolate, strawberries, pectin.

Please note that as we use nuts/dairy/eggs in our kitchen every day, we cannot guarantee our options will be 100% friendly to those with severe allergies. We take the utmost care with cleaning our equipment when providing these items, however items may contain traces and may not be appropriate for all customers. 


This product is the wagon wheels only with decorations described as above. No Alternations available. 

Please note that all orders are not confirmed until we have made contact to approve the date needed and require 2 days notice for production. Direct deposit or credit card via paypal payments can be made prior to pick up only after order confirmation by us. We will be in contact ASAP via email with more details about your order, pick up and payment.